Soundtrack To Life, Love & Drugs

by Love Supine

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Lucky Stars 03:52
Lucky Stars Love… You’ve been illogical You’ve been insensible Love you’ve made me cry Love you’ve made me shout And then you’ve made me smile Love… You’ve been untraceable You’ve been unplentiful Love you’ve made me lie Love you’ve made me pout And then you’ve made me sigh Love… You’ve been so vengeful You’ve been so unhelpful Love you’ve made me cry Love you’ve locked me out But then again I’m so satisfied Bridge She only sees what she wants to see And that’s why she’s living with her family Where might Danielle be tonight? She’s playing solitaire to sort out her own problems Well humpty dumpty sat on the wall And humpty dumpty had a great big fall All the king’s men tried to put her together Then maybe again they tried to tear her apart Chorus I’ll thank my lucky stars
Molly Ringwald doesn’t like to be at home She doesn’t want to have to put her life on hold She’s the one that doesn’t like to do what’s told She’s a women in the sense she thinks she’s old Molly Ringwald, how did she become so bold? Molly Ringwald is so full of angst today She loves to dive in headlong to adversity She’s the one that brushes all her fears away She’s the one that loves to waste another day Molly Ringwald, how can she maintain that pace? Molly Ringwald thinks she has her life controlled She doesn’t have to think about what’s sensible She’s the one that loves to instigate trouble ‘cause she thinks that life is tedious and dull Molly Ringwald, she is so invincible Chorus …because she’s dead I want to be I want to see Don’t you see that Molly, Molly Ringwald is dead
I says it’s nice to meet ya But I don’t want to greet ya And I got a mind to beat So go away Well don’t ya make me fight ya Cause I don’t want to spite ya And if you think that I’ll bite ya Then go away and don’t be brave I says I know it’s your nature To make me want to taste ya But even though I hate ya I can’t escape And now I want to abort ya But I can’t take your torture Cause ya forced me to escort ya For one more fucking day Boy I’d like to boot ya But I guess I’ll do what suits ya And then I’ll have to go and shoot ya For safety’s sake Well now ya know I want ya So I might as well flaunt ya But I wish I could have fought ya For one more fucking day Chorus Won’t ya lead the way?
These paints of seeming plight and ill repute Are yellow in their fright of solitude Where once sealed in a jar Have now exploded on the walls Of my womb, for me to rue These figures I have clipped into cartoons Are so representative of my gloom Well I’d love to paste them all Against my big black splattered wall Of my womb, for me to rue These walls of wanton fame are quite astute To the lashing of my flames and that I shoot Well I’ve come here seeking life But it’s only mine to fight In solitude, in solitude Chorus In the middle In the middle of the sun
Medicine Man 06:39
Plummet down the wolves The wolves of sacred spirits Crumble down the nerves The nerves of your existence Hunt him down, strip him down And watch the bastard shiver Hold him down, make him drown In the cold bloody river Summon now the ghosts The ghosts of inquisition Pummel now the drums The drums of soul suspension Gut him out, grab his heart And hold for all to witness Stuff him now, hang him proud For the world to see you naked Question now the length The length of your existence Question now the world The world and its forgiveness Comin’ down, comin’ down The tarp of sudden darkness Comin’ down, comin’ down The love of blissful silence Chorus We’ll tell your mother You leave your love We’ll tell the vultures To eat your guts
Welcome to the ballroom dance Where love is bountiful indeed This is a night of grand elegance So choose your duds appropriately Take the hand of a woman And let a man take the lead Dance with those that adore you And let your loving spirits free The dancers form exquisite patterns With graceful synchronicity So the ball dances on and on and on With virgin ethereality So the army marches on forward To kill the love they can’t see With their guns and their bayonets They slaughter them to their knees Chorus Now they’re standing at attention The armies of atrocity And no one could have ever told them They’re waltzing in a battlefield Now there’s just one more couple standing Amongst the rubble and debris So they dance on still untainted They’re waltzing in a battlefield
You’ve got the speed You’ve got the steam to Destroy the weak You know you’re mean You know you’re lean You’re a machine They’ve got to see They’ve to feel your Your energy You’ve got to breathe You’ve got to free your Your liberties, immunity You’ve got the lead You’ve got to seize the The victory You must believe If you deceive you’ll You will succeed supremacy Chorus On your way, on your way nowhere
So your boyfriend gives you drugs And you think that you’re in love Well your boyfriend’s just a brown thug When he beats you in the face Just to keep you in disgrace Do you think that you’re in love now? When you’re puking out your lungs And your shitting out your guts Did you think it would be fun now? When you’re blowing bums for dough And you’re raping your own soul Does it make you feel like some star? When you wake up to the sun With that needle in your arm Do you wonder where you are now? When you look into the mirror And you see that you’re not there Did you think you’d take it so far? Chorus I want to be there when you fall Want to be there when you crawl Want to be there when you call me now Well I want to be the one Who takes away that gun of misery Want to be your long lost friend Want to be there ‘til the end of agony Did you think you’d be a star? Did you think you’d be so scarred from humility? Just hold me now
Remember 03:53
Our love was like a flowing river And I gave you everything I could give you But what I didn’t you felt free to take We used stare in adoration And we had those looks of veneration But then it all seemed to disappear one day Our love was like a torrid fever And I gave up everything just to see you But now I wonder why I gave it all away When love was marred by undulations I was volunteered to be the one with patience Too bad you couldn’t ever see things my way Chorus How I did ever find you here Leave bitterness behind you dear Remember me, remember this
H Train 04:00
Your baby She’s cryin’ You’re lying Lying to save the strain Lately it’s all been deranged Lately you’ve thrown it all away Your baby She’s fussin’ She’s trustin’ Trustin’ you with her pain Lately you’ve made a mistake Lately you’ve thrown it all away Your baby She’s needin’ She’s screamin’ Screamin’ to win your praise Maybe it’s all disarrayed Maybe you’ve thrown it all away Your baby She’s grievin’ She’s screamin’ Screaming to kill the pain Maybe you’ve left your dad’s stain Maybe you’ve thrown it all away Chorus You need You know That you run to throw your passions away You need And you run to catch the train You run to catch the h train to hell
Velvet World 05:11
In this world where nothing’s fair There’s a world with much despair In this cave of discontent There’s a flame of much contempt In this world where no one’s spared There’s a life that’s set to snare In this world of this torment There’s a mind that suffers pestilence In this world of no repair There’s a life that’s quite impaired In the world of this distress There’s a praise that seems so ominous Prechorus Sit and stare Ponder there And wonder where I’m just down and out and faraway I’m so far you can’t see me anyway Chorus Velvet world Velvet world Velvet world Why must I stain this velvet world
She says you don’t know what it’s like And I don’t mean to be a bitch But these are the hardest days of my life I tried to keep it a secret But it’s so embarrassing I wish they’d shut their fucking lips Now see, this town has branded me So I made a mistake Now I’m labeled a junkie Day after day I get the shakes And I can’t imagine Being sober for one more day You see I had this one cool friend And I got my dope from him But he said it was opium I said it doesn’t seem so right How a man in a wheelchair Can destroy your fucking life Chorus Have you tried to do paintings I think it would be interesting Just to see how different it would be She said… I think I’ll try to do paintings And get the paint all over me Just to see how cathartic it would be
Marmalade (free)
I know exactly how you feel And I’d like to be the one To help you in your grave ordeal But the angel draws a gun They know it’s easy to conceal All the evils they have done They use their halos as a shield And they rape you with their swords They like to spread their wings of zeal Then they teach that to their sons Then they can’t be who they want to be So on and so forth They just don’t realize your deal When you’re made to take the brunt Of a man’s hand that makes no yield On the beauty of the shunned They make you search for something real But the angels you have sought Are only shrouded in calamity Catastrophe They know it’s easy to conceal All the evils they have done But these choice words they use are blasphemy So come on damnation Prechorus I know exactly how you’d like to be Secure in yourself I know exactly how you’re forced to be Cooped up in this hell Chorus Marmalade, marmalade An angel’s wrath gone wrong Marmalade, marmalade So come on damnation


released October 1, 2001


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Love Supine Phoenix, Arizona

Love Supine returns to the Vibe series administering retribution to those of mindful ignorance, hatred, and narcissism. It is at this point in the story that we are introduced to a resolute henchman known as The Faceless Man and his servant of execution, The Black Wings Of Destiny. Together they will fulfill their calling from the Love Supine to fervently bring this world back to Love.

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